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Will the ICA merge with the ACA?

Pandemics and Mergers - Chiropractors struggling after COVID - Controversy at the ICA as governance changes could pave the way for a merger with the ACA


International Chiropractors Association at a crossroads.

Earlier this year, ICA president Dr. Stephen Welsch introduced a motion to update and amend the organization’s constitution, allowing for a modification in how the association is governed.

PROS: Currently, motions must be voted on by members and representatives. The current board of directors seeks to consolidate decision making in order to move the association from a personality-driven organization to a more mission-based one.

CONS: Some past presidents of the ICA argue that this ballot initiative could pave the way for a much-speculated merger with the more allopathic ACA. Ironically, members are being asked to vote to remove their ability to vote.

Traditionally, the ICA represents subluxation-centered chiropractors. The ACA, on the other hand, will typically advocate for more inclusion in the medical profession.

While neither organization releases its membership numbers, it is estimated that both organizations represent fewer than 10% of all chiropractors.

Dr. Bobby Braille, 11th president of the ICA, provides a breakdown of this controversy in his new podcast Chiro Rants. You can listen to this episode here.

  1. Interesting take on the straight vs mixer debate through the eyes of a first-year chiropractic student.

  2. Safer Care Victoria’s 228-page report on Chiropractic spinal manipulation of children under 12.

  3. Another positive RCT showing Effects of Chiropractic Care on Strength, Balance, and Endurance in Active-Duty U.S. Military Personnel with Low Back Pain.


Does chiropractic improve immunity? Dr. Dan Murphy weighs in.

Life University West professor, Dr. Dan Murphy has weighed in on the controversial new study commissioned by the WFC: The Effect of Spinal Adjustment / Manipulation on Immunity and the Immune System: A Rapid Review of Relevant Literature.

Consequently, many state and regional regulatory bodies have cited this document of any benefits of chiropractic care on immune function.

In a new video interview with college president Dr. Ron Oberstien, Dr. Murphy breaks down the issue here and offers a counterpoint.

Other organizations are fighting back against the limited study, citing data cherry-picking and bias.


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Today’s email was written by Dr. Chris Chatzoglou and some other people.

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