What is The Chiro Tribune?

I believe the vast majority of chiropractors are tired of the in-fighting and just want to know how to operate a modern, ethical, and profitable chiropractic practice in 2020.

Chiropractors are sick of the marketers, semi-retired practice “coaches”, rah-rah seminars, and hucksters in the profession who continue to profit off of your fear.

We are tired of being sold flavor of the month tactics by marginally successful colleagues who want to add “consultant” to their CV.

You don’t need a coach.

You don’t need a guru.

You need a COMMUNITY.

This is it.

The business of chiropractic is really not that much different than any other service-based business: Customer acquisition, marketing, hiring, firing, communication, customer satisfaction, location management, operations, customer retention, and people management are common traits among all businesses. Yet, most chiropractors continue to fail after graduation.

That is not acceptable.

What happened to mentorship? What happened to experienced chiropractors helping other new docs?

I wanted to create a subscription-based newsletter for the chiropractic profession that will curate the latest news and the best practices for building a successful business from people who have actually accomplished something.

This newsletter will feature news and various topics such as:

  • What works now: How to build an ethical and profitable business

  • Common practice mistakes and how to avoid them

  • How to structure a business and exit strategies

  • Owner vs. Associate vs. Independent Contractor

  • Money Management

  • Interviews with successful chiropractors

  • Online Marketplace

  • Connect associates and independent contractors with docs

  • And more…

This newsletter will always stay FREE. We may add a premium subscription later but the newsletter will always stay free.

As always, the discussion here will be civil, helpful, and fun. If you want to share a story or write for The Tribune, please submit your link and/or 500-1000 word post here:



Dr. Chris